2015 Korean Aeropress Championship results

2015 Korean Aeropress Championship results

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2015년 한국 에어로프레스 챔피언쉽이 지난 2월 7일-8일, 커피리브레에서 진행되었습니다. 이번 대회는 2012년 이후 2년 동안 중단되었던 KAC가 2년 만에 다시 개최되었다는 점에서 큰 의미를 가지고 있습니다. 또한 40여개의 업체가 후원하였고 다양한 이벤트가 어우러져 성황리에 마무리되었습니다.

2015 Korean Aeropress Championship has completed successfully Feb. 7~8 at Coffee Libre + Maybell bakery in Seoul. Resuming the KAC competition that discontinued for two years since 2012 has a great meaning. For this competition many businesses over forty joined as sponsors and various events helped the completion of this competition.

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이틀 동안 45명의 선수가 출전하여 다양한 추출법을 선보였습니다.
다음은 KAC 2015 파이널리스트의 레시피입니다.

For two days 45 competitors took part in KAC competition and performed diverse abstraction progresses. The top 3 Aeropress recipes from the 2015 Korean Aeropress Championship.

KAC2015 (29)
KAC2015 (28)

1st place : Seun Wan, Kim

18g coffee, 82~84℃, 220g water, EK43 grinder
Rinse normal paper filter and fine metal filter, in standard position.
How to press
In standard position Aeropress add coffee and 50㎖ water for 20~30second for blooming. Then add more 170㎖ water and wait 60 seconds more after that stir 10 times. Now start soft press about 2/3 of volume and hard press 1/3 of left volume to make balanced extraction. Do not press out air and last few drops for reducing unbalanced extraction. Total extraction time is approximate 1min 40s ~ 1min 50s and press duration is 40 ~ 50 second.

2nd place : Su Young, Baek

23g coffee(After particle separation coffee ground is 17g), 84℃, 210g water,
Encore grind at #21 Aeropress in reverse position
How to press
First, 23g of ground coffee will be filtering by sieve tools. Preparation is filtering large size particle of ground coffee with large mesh or sieve bowl (removing chaff, 3g) and using small size sieve for removing micro particle(2g). Total left over coffee is approximately 17g.
Second, add coffee in reverse positioned Aeropress. Add 30g of blooming water for 35 seconds. Add more of 180g of water and gently stir 10 times for 30 seconds.
Press very slowly for 30 seconds. Stop when hear the sound of air coming out of chamber.

3rd place : Jung Gyoun, Ahn

26g of coffee, 90℃ of 250g water, grinding with Ditting KR804
Rinse normal paper filter in standard position.
How to press
Add 26g of ground coffee and add 45g of blooming water for 30 seconds.
Pouring 215g of water around 20 ~ 30 seconds and widely stir once.
Press very slowly for 70~80 seconds. And stop when air start to come out.


대회를 주최한 디자인커피는 에어로프레스 아이콘을 활용하여 KAC 공식 포스터는 물론 다양한 디자인 상품을 개발하였습니다. http://designcoffee.com

The host company DesignCoffee designed and producted official post of KAC and showed various design products.

KAC 2015
Organizer : Designcoffee http://www.designcoffee.com
Supervisor : Vidastech Inc. http://www.vidastech.com
Local Aeropress distributor : Pawercall http://www.flyingdisc.co.kr
Official Coffee : Momos Coffee http://www.momos.co.kr
Place : Coffee Libre http://www.coffeelibre.kr

Sponsor : Coffee Montage, Coffee Temple, Cafflano, 180 Coffee Roasters, Coffee Libre, El Cafe, TianjinBaozi, Maybell Bakery, Open Alley, New Wave Coffee Roasters, Cavehane, Namusairo Coffee Company, Greenmile Coffee, Steamers Coffee Factory, Told A Story Coffee Roaster, Peter’s Coffee, Cafe SOLUTION, Cafe101, ALIENS Coffee Roaster, COFFEE GRAFFITI, COFFEE RADIO, Cafe Gre, Koala Coffee, BLACKUP COFFEE, MONSTER ROASTERS COFFEE, Fritz Coffee Company, ALEGRIA coffee roasters, Caffe Themselves, H&N Corporation, MS Tech Co.,Ltd, molniya project, BAOK, Home Barista Club, CBSC

Media sponsor : BLACK WATER ISSUE, PLANCCC, coffee t&i

Hoon, Song : SCAE CDS Autherised Trainer & Barista Certifier
Jong Hoon, Lee : 1st place in Korean National Barista Championship 2014
Byeong Kyu, Park : 1st place in Korean National Aeropress Championship 2012


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